The Money and Meaning Online Program is designed to help you live your life more intentionally. Design a life around your personal values and find out what money's purpose in your life is.

Improve Your Relationship With Money

Everyone has a relationship with money. If you didn't know you had a relationship with money. This includes how you feel about money, how to think about money, how you behave with money, and how you communicate about money. Improving your relationship with money is the first step toward improving your financial health.

Align Your Money With Your Values

If you aren't clear about what your values are, that is, what's important to you, you are vulnerable to use your money and live your life in ways that support others' values. Get clear about what's important to you and what you want out of life, and use your money to support that.

What Kind of Life Do You Want?

It's up to to design your life. Most people don't do this. Many people float around from circumstance to circumstance. Design a life that is important to you and use your money to support that.

Life is Short: Don't Take it For Granted

Life is finite. You only get a few dozen trips around the sun. It's important to make the most of the time you have by using your money in a way that lets you enjoy all that life has to offer.

Live Life on Purpose

Most people life their life reacting. They let life happen to them. Learn how to live choose the life you want and live on purpose.

Hi, I’m Derek!

I help people make smart decisions with their money, including how to use their money as a tool to live a life they will be happy to look back upon.

I've been working in the financial space for just under 20 years and have extensive training in economics, psychology, investing, and financial planning.

I am a visual communicator, using simple drawings to demonstrate complex ideas.

I hope you join me!

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Money and Meaning